Zenvo TSR-GT Revealed With 1,360 HP And 263 MPH Top Speed

Danish sports car manufacturer Zenvo Automotive made the headlines a few years ago with the wild active wing of its TSR-S that behaved like a contortionist. The new TSR-GT adopts a fixed rear wing and acts as the swan song for the TS lineup while serving as a low-drag, high-speed derivative. Changes to the body make the hypercar as slippery as possible to unlock a higher top speed compared to previous TS-based derivatives.

Aside from aero enhancements – which include a longer rear wing and an aero wheel disc cover – the TSR-GT also uses a far more powerful engine. The twin-supercharged (yes, twin) V8 has a 5.8-liter displacement and produces a colossal 1,360 horsepower. Compatible with E85 fuel, the flat-plane engine generates an extra 183 hp compared to the output available in the standard TSR-S.

Courtesy of a longer final drive of the in-house helical-cut dog-engagement transmission, it can reach an electronically governed top speed of 263 mph (424 km/h). As a refresher, the TSR-S, which was geared toward track use, maxed out at “only” 202 mph (325 km/h).

As its name implies, the TSR-GT is more of a grand tourer, which is why the bare carbon fiber interior of the TSR-S has made way for a fancier cabin with different types of leather. Zenvo has also created new velour floor mats (with a leather edge) it says lower the noise that goes inside.

Only three hand-built cars will see the light of day and all of them have already been sold for an unspecified price tag. The GT follows the original track-only TSR from 2016 and the subsequent TS1 GT and TSR-S hypercars. The latter will remain in production for the time being.

An all-new model is scheduled for a market launch in the third quarter of 2023. Zenvo says it will utilize a V12 with twin electric turbochargers to develop 1,200 hp, plus an electric motor to take the combined output to 1,500 hp or possibly as much as 1,800 hp.

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