I love my baby’s unique name but saw it on a list of ‘ugliest’ monikers

A MUM who gave her daughter a very unique name has hit back at critics, insisting she doesn’t “understand everyone’s deal with it”.

Bella is mum to baby girl Polaris, and was left fuming when she spotted the moniker on an article listing the “ugliest baby names”.


Mum Bella was fuming when she saw her daughter’s unique name on a list of “ugliest” monikersCredit: TikTok/@bellaamoredavis


She named her baby girl Polaris, after the North StarCredit: TikTok/@bellaamoredavis

She took to TikTok to share her anger over the piece, as she added: “I don’t understand what everyones deal with it is but f u.”

In another video explaining just how to pronounce the name, Bella explained: “For those of you who don’t know, she’s named after the North Star.

“The North Star’s original name is Polaris.”

“That’s… Not an ugly name,” one wrote.

“And anyways, those charts are bs, i once saw a video with new beautiful names, one meant s**t in my language.” 

“Okay i found my way here because i saw an article where they say how no one likes the name Polaris, call me weird but i like it,” another added.

While a third commented: “It’s different, i like it.

“But it’s not a BAD different like some other names, it’s a GOOD different.”

Others weren’t quite so complimentary though.

“Sounds like a disease,” one wrote.

“Polaris sounds kinda like a skin condition,” another added.

As someone else added: “That sounds like a disease.”

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