Budget tricks to show your pet love on Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, love is in the air, and love for our pets is no exception. Our pets really are our best friends. They are great companions, help to improve our mental health, and bring us a whole heap of joy.

While the benefits of owning a furry friend seem to be endless, the reality is that caring for them over their lifetime can cost more than we may imagine. But there are ways you can show your furry friend some love on a budget this year.

PDSA research shows that the minimum lifetime cost of owning a dog can start at £5,000 for a very small dog but can cost considerably more.

With the UK cost of living crisis very much a hot topic of conversation, pet owners up and down the country may already feel worried about how to best care for their pets as everyday essential costs keep going up.

PDSA Vet nurse, Nina Downing, said: “While we always want the best for our pets, it’s important to remember that they won’t notice or appreciate that there is a cost of living increase.”

We don’t like to think that our pet could get poorly or injured, but if they do, we can show how much we love them by making sure they have access to veterinary care.

When money is tight, unexpected vet bills can be so worrying, but thankfully having pet insurance in place can be a genuine life saver.

At times like this, keep in mind our furry friends are also happiest and healthiest when their welfare needs are met and their humans are close by.

Spending time with your pet is priceless, yet it is often what brings them the most joy. Picture: Pixabay / pasja1000

Spend more time together
Spending time with your pet is priceless, yet it is often what brings them the most joy.

This is because our pet’s overall well-being can improve when they share our company and their social needs are met.

Spending plenty of time with your pet each day lowers their risk of developing any behavioural traits that can stem from loneliness.

When a pet feels lonely, they can develop unwanted behaviours such as toileting in the home, barking and whining, they may even chew things they shouldn’t or be destructive – all of which can impact on their happiness as well as yours.

Learn how to groom your pet at home
With the average cost of a dog grooming appointment in the UK totalling around £43, and with some breeds needing regular grooming, learning how to groom your pet at home can save you a lot of money.

Brushing their fur regularly and knowing how to clip their nails safely are examples of activities that you can carry out at home and are quite easy, once you’ve got to grips with it.

Rotate your pet’s favourite toys
Toys are great for playtime but your pet doesn’t need loads of them.

Try rotating different toys by keeping some back and bringing them out.

Make playtime fun by re-using the same toy for different games – for example, use them for a game of fetch, then try hiding them under or behind an object for your pet to find.


Picture: Picture: Pixabay/ BiancaVanDijk

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