Tesla – $250 Is Coming… Don’t Lose Your Legs In the Bear Trap for NASDAQ:TSLA by LordWrymouth

As I said in my previous call on Tesla , which was rather successful, I’m not a big fan of Elon Musk .

Tesla TSLA – The Bottom Is In, But It’s Still Bearish

Especially as the post-Twitter acquisition has unfolded, I feel Musk rode the wave he could to do his “Twitter Files” thing and clawback some rightists/Conservatives that were alienated under the former Mastodon socialist leadership.

But the Twitter Files weren’t really news to anyone who actually has been following COVID lockdown narrative or January 6 Capitol Riot censorship. And now Twitter is kind of the same as it’s always been, but more shadowbanny, and will increasingly become more and more central to the coming globalist Central Bank Digital Currency/social credit system.

Musk, a transhumanist, has alluded to transforming Twitter into an “everything app” himself, all while lauding the communist regime in China’s WeChat as if it were some kind of good thing.

CBDCs and social credit are, ultimately, the world outside of the Chinese Communist Party attempting to emulate and import the CCP’s operational methodology and ways. This is a disaster for mankind, and should be opposed and challenged by everyone who wants a future.

A Warning on Red China

As always, my usual warning, especially for a company like Tesla that has a Gigafactory in Shanghai: you have to be very careful in bullish market conditions with the pandemic situation in China. Western media simply isn’t reporting anything and the CCP keeps a very strict censorship regimen with a high degree of secrecy, so you’ll be in the dark until it’s too late to cry about your gap losses.

Xi Jinping and his Chinese Communist Party claims to have only suffered ~85,000 deaths since Wuhan Pneumonia began. That’s 59 deaths per million people, and is literally a laughable claim that the epicenter of the pandemic and the world’s (formerly) most populous country has suffered a factor of 10 or 60 times less magnitude of fatalities than the west that the regime exported the disease to.

In reality, this is obviously impossible. Moreover, the CCP covered up the 2003 SARS pandemic. A lot, a lot of people died during that pandemic, but the regime just told the world that everything was great.

Only a total fool believes anything that the CCP says.

The problem for a company like Tesla is a huge sum of both its supply and demand is tightly wed to China, and a pandemic situation that Xi can’t keep under control and a weak Communist Party means the risk of black swan events hitting in the middle of the night when the US markets are closed is _extremely_ significant.

The Call

Now for price action, markets, especially NASDAQ and tech, all mooned in the wake and run up to FOMC. But this also came in the first two days of February, and we have a Jerome Powell speech on Feb. 7 and jobless claims on the 9th.

It’s reasonable (and important) to anticipate that the low set at 10:30 AM on Feb.1 @ $169.95 is not going to be the low of the month.

It’s also important to notice that the mania candle swept out the December high by 8 cents and was followed by a ~4% retrace, significant because it set up a double top pattern on the daily candles.

In my opinion, there’s a very high chance that Tesla will dump rather aggressively to liquidate leveraged longs, raid long stops, and make weekly call options expire worthless, a move that will simultaneously serve as a bear trap.

$162 to $133 is a rather wide range, but it represents a combination of a weekly price displacement and a microgap. In combination with range equilibrium being $150, and $150 being a psychological operation number, a sweep all the way down to $145~ is something I anticipate.

Now, all that being said, what I would like to say is that Tesla has been so crazily bullish (almost doubling in under 30 trading sessions; this was still a $300 billion market cap company!), that range equilibrium may not be touched, and those gaps underneath it may be breakaway gaps.

So that being said, you have a hard choice if you want to go long on a dump. Because if you see $160, you really might not get better than $160 and Tesla doesn’t like to stay low for long if it’s going up. But if you buy $160 it can drop another 10 or maybe 15 percent, which means your calls turn (or expire if you’re degen weekly) worthless.

This is a real game theory problem as the MMs , who know the schedule, use time as their greatest weapon. So perhaps a reasonable strategy is to go for the TSLL leveraged long ETF at $160 and just baghold/add if it drops more.

Bears talking about the gaps at $85 and lower, it’s not that they’re wrong… It’s that Tesla already fell from $330~ to $100 in the course of a few months, and this was one of the world’s largest companies by market cap. You really cannot afford to be so greedy to bottom short and bottom short and bottom short. You were already so lucky that you could bottom short and not get your head split for so long.

It’s really very rare in equities to be able to do that.

The bounce has been so extreme that the market makers have thus made it clear that both two digit Tesla is not coming right now, and also that when you do see two digit Tesla , you can’t buy it.

TL; DR , Tesla $250 is the next stop. If you get so lucky as to buy $150, I think that’s pretty good, and you should even hold a portion of your position through $250.

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