Will BTC reach 30K+ or it will dump? BTCUSDT update for BITSTAMP:BTCUSD by ergal91

Hi dear community my loyal followers, I hope you are fine.
Let me update BTC current situation and my expectation.
This week BTC pumped from 19.5K and broke not only 24K but also 25.2K and reached 27.8K. If you remember I warned you about BTC recent dump from 25K to 19K+-.
At the moment, you can see on the chart that BTC has created Bullish megaphone chart pattern/Inverted symmetrical triangle/ and tested its upper line where there is significant, one of the strongest resistance/.. There are BB, FVG zone, 0.38 fib level, diagonal resistance+ horizontal resistance/ etc. Look at bellow attached charts also to understand what I mean.

I expect BTC to break 1h bull flag reaching 28.6K/attached bellow/ , which will be fake breakout of bullish megaphone chart pattern / a lot people will open long positions, at the same time BTC sweeps liquidity above 27.8K then we’ will see strong rejection and correction starts. When BTC reaches 28.6K , BTCD will be at 48-48.5K at main resistance/attached bellow/, where it will drop and during this BTC correction , we’ll see mini altseason.

Pay attention that volume is decreasing while price is rising/ bearish divergence/ also there is bearish divergence at daily OBV which doesn’t support this pump)). I expect BTC to drop 22.6-22.8K where there is OB+FVG + 0.618 Fib zone, if BTC can’t hold the mentioned zone it will dump to 20.5K. During this drop price will react at 25.2K small bounce, then drops to 0.5fib level/23.6K/ again bounce/this level could hold as well/ and drops to 22.6-22.8K taking out IDM/sweep liquidity/

Also keep your eyes at 23.6K 0.5 fib level, which is mid range of megaphone chart pattern. there is chance it can hold as well, but more likely 22.6-22.8K will be reached.

After the mentioned scenario we’ll see new highs, at the moment I can’t tell you 22.6-22.8K will hold or not, we’ll see BTC reaction at that point.

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