Here’s How Many Of Us Are Actually Having Sex Every Week

Worried that everyone’s having more sex than you? Well, according to a new study from consumer-first health and wellness platform Hims & Hers, we’re getting envious over nothing.

No, seriously – the study found that a whopping 81% of the UK assumes other people have sex once a week or more; only 54% of Brits actually do.

And it’s not even just the volume of sex we’re having every week – it turns out that we all assume that everyone is having tonnes of sex every single month too.

Ding dong, yet another myth.

In the study, Let’s Talk About Sex: The 2023 UK Report, 21% of Brits — 23% of women, 18% of men, and 47% of gender non-binary people — reported to Hims & Hers that they’d not had sex in the past month, despite 98% of respondents assuming that everyone else had.

The good news is that doctors have actually decided how much sex is ‘normal’ and the bottom line is that it ‘depends’ on your relationship and what works for you.

Dr. Peter Stahl, MD and SVP of Men’s Sexual Health and Urology at Hims & Hers, explains: “There’s incredible variability amongst couples’ sex lives.

“There are lots of couples who have sex once or twice a month and they are super happy with that. And there are other couples for whom not being able to have sex 2, 3, or 4 times a week is really a relationship stressor.”

According to Dr. Denise Asafu-Adjei, Urologist and Medical Advisor for Hims & Hers it’s hard to convince people that there isn’t a ‘standard’ sex life: “There is a spectrum and I feel like people have a false sense [that there is a number]. It’s really different for everyone.”

So remember, comparison is truly the thief of joy – especially when you’re assuming incorrectly.

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