I live in a bus off grid & only empty my toilet every six months

A WOMAN who lives in a converted bus off grid with her family has left people horrified after revealing she only empties her toilet once every six months.

Georgina, who lives with her partner Tyson and daughter Elaura, posted a video responding to a question she’s often asked: “Why haven’t you emptied your toilet in six months?”


Georgina lives in a converted bus with her partner and daughterCredit: Tiktok – @the.rosa.reno
Georgina explained how she only empties the toilet once every six months


Georgina explained how she only empties the toilet once every six monthsCredit: Tiktok – @the.rosa.reno

To clear up any confusion, Georgina, who transformed the bus into a temporary home, offered an explanation: “It’s a composting toilet, it’s pretty much dirt now.”

She captioned the post: “Ngl, it was nice not having to wheel our poop through a caravan park to the dump point.

“And no it doesn’t smell!”

In a second video, she goes on to explain how the toilet is primarily used for emergency purposes.

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She continues: “The toilet has a fan in the bottom.

“It sucks any excess smell out and there’s a fan on the roof that sucks anything else out – and the bus is surrounded with windows, so just open the windows after.

“So nobody is cooking dinner, while wiping their a***.”

Georgina adds: “I was sceptical about a composting toilet to begin with.

“I thought surely it’d smell – that makes no sense, I’m not having any of that, but it really doesn’t.

“And if you don’t believe me, I don’t care!

Lucky you don’t have to live in here.”

The post has since gone viral, racking up over 1.5 million views and endless comments from shocked social media users.

“That’s honestly really uncomfortable not a fair way for a child to grow up,” wrote one.

Georgina hit back: “She’s 4, seen the whole country and occasionally has to use an inside toilet. How terrible – we’re only living in this bus until she’s 5.

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A second penned: “That is definitely gonna smell.”

A third asked: “Were you using it daily for six months? How did it not get full?”

Meanwhile, a fourth wrote: “I have a compost toilet in my house :)) never been emptied!”

Another noted: “Imagine laying down and hearing Someone having diarrhoea next to you…”

Georgina replied: “Haha we’ve never had that happen luckily and if I had to do that I’d be waking everyone up and making them wait outside!”

A further added: “I’m sorry i just couldn’t poop in front of everyone in the kitchen – that’s me! But this is honestly the coolest thing ever.”

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And one more asked: “How does the poop smell not imprint on your curtains, pillows, and blankets? Genuinely curious.”

Georgina responded: “Also the time and money we put into building this bus I’m not letting it be ruined by poop smell – especially the curtains that took me days to make!”

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