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As the market anticipates the upcoming Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting, investors are keeping a close eye on key levels and stocks that may experience significant movements. In this article, we will discuss the potential scenarios for the S&P 500 Index (SPX) , Nasdaq 100 ( QQQ ), and several prominent stocks, as well as the importance of the FOMC meeting in shaping market momentum.

SPX and QQQ: Key Levels to Watch

SPX appears to be setting up for a test of the 4000 level, with the potential to run up to 4020 if it can break through the resistance. The FOMC meeting will play a crucial role in determining market direction, so investors should monitor developments closely.

Similarly, QQQ is approaching the 309 level, currently up almost 2 points in premarket trading. A break above 309 could lead to a test of the 315 level. As with the SPX , the FOMC meeting will be a key factor in shaping the QQQ’s performance.

Stocks to Monitor: TSLA , AAPL , NVDA , AMD , META, and MSFT

Tesla ( TSLA ) is poised for a potential move towards 190, with 196 as the next target level.

Apple ( AAPL ) is best positioned if it can maintain support at 157.

NVIDIA ( NVDA ) is setting up for a move towards 269, with premarket trading showing an increase of almost 4 points.

Advanced Micro Devices ( AMD ) still has the potential to reach the 100 level.

Meta Platforms (META) may experience a 5-point gap up if it can break above 205, with the potential to run up to 213.

Microsoft ( MSFT ) appears somewhat weak at present, with a stronger outlook if it can move through the 276 level.

Market Momentum and FOMC Meeting

As the market begins to gain momentum on the upside, it is essential for investors to monitor the FOMC meeting’s outcome. Ideally, a strong close near the 4000 level for the SPX and 309 for the QQQ would indicate a bullish market environment leading into the FOMC meeting.

In anticipation of the FOMC meeting, you should remain vigilant and monitor key levels for the SPX , QQQ , and select individual stocks. The market’s momentum leading into the meeting will play a significant role in shaping future trends, so staying informed on the latest developments is critical for successful investment strategies.

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