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Here’s How Many Men Fake Orgasms And Excuse Me, What?

Let’s be real, we all think it – women can never reach orgasm and instead opt for Oscar winning performances faking them, while men are climax-having machines, right? Wrong.

Time for some good old fashioned sex myth busting – according to a new study from consumer-first health and wellness platform Hims & Hers, men are faking orgasms way more than you probably realise.

While it’s true that 15% of women have never orgasmed, either by themselves or with a partner – but it turns out that the inverse is true too.

Yup, according to Let’s Talk About Sex: The 2023 UK Report, men and non-binary people are struggling to reach the big O too, and—wait for it—also fake it.

In fact, 31% of men and 42% of non-binary people say they fake orgasming from time to time. Among the men, Gen Z men fake it most (41%).

Buckle up – there’s more. The study also found that more than one quarter of men (26%) say it’s difficult or impossible for them to orgasm during penetrative sex, and 27% of men say they have a difficult time reaching an orgasm without the help of a sex toy or masturbation.

Sex and dating expert and HuffPost UK blogger The Guyliner previously told The Huffington Post UK that faking an orgasm isn’t all that hard.

“It’s fairly easy if you’re using a condom. Even if you don’t know the person you’re having sex with that well, you can usually tell when it’s time for you to begin your performance,” he said.

“As their cheeks start to flush and their movements become more… well, frantic, now’s your big moment. Make all the right noises, get your breathing to that special rhythm and let go.

“In the heat of the moment, nobody’s going to be double-checking the condom. Just remove it, and yourself, and head to the bathroom to get rid of it before anyone starts asking any questions.”

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